Kids Party Venues
in Manhattan

Just a list of great kids party venues in Manhattan

First - venue!

Location, location, location. Even if you aren't Steven Spielberg, finding the perfect location to shoot your own party memory movie is just as important. The kids, think about the kids! Whether your child is crafty, active or simplistic, there are many great Kids Party Venues in Manhattan; and we've scouted some out for you and selected our favourites, adding contact details, website addresses and, of course, location!

We hope that you find this list useful and if you like it enough,... Consider hiring Bazinga Parties amazing entertainment to make your party just a little bit extra special.



Our all-time favourite party venues in Manhattan

Brooklyn Craft Farm

And speaking of future Picassos. Brooklyn Craft Farm offers Craft-A-Go-go parties, an artsy free for all where the kids can release their creative energy on a 6 x 12ft tarp. It is for smaller groups, so only up to 8 children including the birthday boy or girl. All crafts are supplied, but food is up to you.

Contact Details

Phone:      +1 646-450-3276

Email:        contact form on their website

Address:    President St, Brooklyn, NY 11231


The Art Farm

The perfect combination of art and animals. The Art Farm will excite the little ones with exotic animals in this nature-focused learning center and help them get creative with craft time. They also offer some princess and knight themed parties. Packages include pizza and cake.

Contact Details

Phone:      +1 212-410-3117

Email:         contact form on their website

Address:    431 E 91st St 2nd floor, New York, NY 10128


Taste Buds Kitchen

Get them slicing and dicing with cooking themed birthday parties at Taste Buds Kitchen. They cater for ages to teen and for small or larger groups up to 42 kids. Make pizza, cupcakes or donuts with friendly culinary crew, have sliders and shakes, and even gingerbread houses.

Contact Details

Phone:      +1 212-242-2248

Email:         contact form on their website

Address:    109 W 27th St, New York, NY 10001


Jodi's Gym

This popular kids gymnastics gym offers action-packed parties where kids can swing from bars, balance on beams, and do a variety if gymnastics movements for an hour and a half. They set up, serve and set down for you. You just have to have fun.

Contact Details

Phone:    +1 212-772-7633

Email:         contact form on their website

Address:  244 E 84th St, New York, NY 10028


The Gaga Center

Gaga is a form of dodgeball that originated in Israel in the 1970s. Players start in an octagon shaped court, hitting and rolling the ball with their hand to eliminate other players. Enjoy a game of gaga, along with music, food, juice and decor, and even a silent disco!

Contact Details

Phone:  +1 212-920-7884


Address: 230 E 93rd St, New York, NY 10128


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